UX Design

What is UX Design? 

User experience design another wise know as UXD is about enhancing the experience of users whilst interacting with products. Everything affects a user’s interaction with a product. That includes the usability and accessibility of a product but also the emotion between the user and the product, which are harder to engineer. It is, therefore, the job of UX designer to understand and research the who,what,when and how the product will be used to deliver value at every touch point. 

What benefits does it have to users and vendors?

UX design benefits users by creating  a smooth experience when interacting with various products.

Customer satisfaction is a benefit for both consumers and vendors. The better experience a vendor creates for a customer the more satisfied the customers will be. This intern benefits the vendor by increasing sales and increasing company reputation. 

When a customer is pleased with their experience this generally creates positive word of mouth, where customers recommend the business to their family and friends. It often results in customer loyalty and repeats business, therefore creating more opportunity for the company to continue to grow and create easy to use products and excellent service. 

What are the most common techniques employed by UX designers?

Many UX designers start with wireframes. Wireframes are a rough layout for a website or app, this helps designers visualise what the website/application will look like.

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User testing
User testing is a principle technique employed by UX designers. User testing involves designers collecting data and asking question whilst a user performs specific tasks that have been planned for them. This allows the designer to understand if their application, website or product actually works and is easy to understand and use. 

A persona is a fictional character that reflects the group in which you are designing for. Personas are created through various user research methods, from surveys, interviews, user testing and contextual inquiry, all these research methods assist in identifying patterns to create the perfect persona to design for. 

Scenarios and Storyboards

A scenario narrates the day to day task of the persona you have created, whilst incorporating the use of the application, website or product you have created into their daily tasks.  Storyboards like scenarios are a visual sequence of events used to capture users interactions with a product. A storyboard is used to engage audiences in the form of rough sketches or high-quality imagery.

How do you see your area of specialisation intersect with user experience?

Any specialisation that you go into will intersect with the UX Design. To design great products, it is necessary to create for the consumer, therefore you need to understand how consumers will interact and use the product. Graphic design has less of a tactile interaction with consumers than other design fields, however, it is important for graphic designers to understand how consumers will react and make connections when viewing various graphic design elements. Graphic design is “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books”. UX design is about how the user interacts with a product, in the profession of graphic design UX design would most likely be used to understand users interaction with some forms of advertisement and books. It would look at the emotional interaction consumers have with the product rather than the physical interaction. 


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